4 Things You Need to Know About all on 4 Implants


4 Things You Need to Know About all on 4 ImplantsYou may have heard about all on 4 dental implants and you are thinking maybe you should try it out, after all, it gives you the ability to replace a whole row of teeth by using just 4 implants. You even may have seen all on 4 dental implants Sydney being advertised on the internet. Now, before you get excited and sign up for it, there are some things you need to know. And here they are.

You Need an Experienced Dentist

While there is all the buzz about this procedure, it is very easy to get caught up in the moment and let the first dentist who offers a low dental implants price Sydney work on your teeth only for things to go wrong. Before you zero in on a dentist to carry out the procedure, find out the following:

– How long have they been doing this procedure

– What do other people say about the practice

– Do they have the confidence in themselves to give you a guarantee

– Find out the exact number of all on 4 implants the surgeon has carried out

Not Everyone Qualifies

As exciting as it may sound to be able to fill up an entire row in your mouth with just four implants anchoring them, it is not something everyone should do. The all on 4 dental implants cost Sydney may be cheaper than having an implant for every missing tooth, but in the end, the results may not be as satisfactory as you may hope. It is important to have a dentist examine your structure and determine if the operation will be successful with just 4 implants. You should know some teeth like your molars need more support to be functional so just 4 implants may not cut it.

Brands do Matter

If you thought you only have to worry about brands when buying a phone or some fancy gadget, guess again. In the world of implants, brand names are a big deal as well and it is not just to show off with. Known brand names have been around for years and they have proved they can make reliable implants. It is a good idea to go ahead and choose the brand rather than trying to save money by buying a generic brand that goes off the market after a few years or whose product is not up to the task. While you do not have to go for the most expensive all on 4 dental implants Sydney, you do have to get quality.

It Will Take More Than a Day

You need to understand that your dream smile will not be a reality in just one day. There will be a number of procedures and it will be months before the final teeth are fitted. However sometimes when the other teeth are pulled out, you may get temporary prosthetic teeth that will serve you until the implants have fused to the bone.

So before you get excited about all on 4 implants, get the facts from the dentist and choose carefully.