Why is it Crucial to replace a Missing Tooth?

Why is it Crucial to replace a Missing Tooth?

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We celebrate with a visit from the tooth fairy when our toddler loses his first tooth. However, there is nothing to celebrate when an adult loses his tooth. It can affect not only their overall health but also the quality of life in many different ways that one can not even imagine. If you lose your front tooth, your big concern would be aesthetics. You will be uncomfortable to smile in front of even your loved ones. This will motivate you to look for tooth replacement options like dental implants. However, space in the back of the mouth is often overlooked. People often don’t see it as a priority, but a tooth lost at the back will impose many health issues. Here we have some reasons for getting tooth replacement.

Why should I Replace my Missing Teeth?

The ultimate truth is that missing your teeth both in the front and backside, will not just affect your smile and aesthetics. Tooth replacement is needed for protecting the health of your remaining teeth and also for restoring lost function. So, before you decide to live your life with an open space in your smile, here are some reasons you should consider to replace the tooth.

To Avoid Shifting and Loosening of Teeth:

When all your teeth are in your mouth neatly in a row, they are lined up and stable. However, if you are missing a tooth, the other teeth will possibly start shifting. Teeth drift out of place, resulting in a change in bite, tooth loss, and gum disease. To avoid teeth shifting and loosening, it is advised to get teeth implants as early as possible.

Your Face could Change:

Even if your back tooth is lost, the other teeth might shift, making your face sunken and look older. All aspects of your face and look are intertwined so, the loss of one tooth can cause your jaw bone to deteriorate and facial muscles to droop over time. Replacing the missed tooth with affordable dental implants cost Sydney will help to keep other teeth from drifting from its place and ensuring your mouth stays healthy, and your face doesn’t drastically change.

Missed Teeth can affect your Mental Health:

If you have ever struggled with a missing tooth, you will know how difficult it can be to chew your food with a hole in your smile. Although the comfort might seem ignorable at first, it will grow irritating after a time. Missing a tooth as a child is fun but not as an adult. A missing tooth will also affect speech patterns, in turn, affecting your self-confidence.

With good tooth replacement option like dental implants, you can get rid of the gap in your grin. People who have had dental implants have spoken about how natural their implant feel and look.

Dental technology has advanced quite much nowadays, and if you have a missing tooth that needs replacement, there are dental implants to give back your healthy and beautiful smile. Don’t wait, the sooner you take action, the sooner you could smile with confidence again!