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  • Dental Implants Periodontist in Sydney can be very expensive but Dr Pinho is a registered Australian dental surgeon with a long reputation for affordable high quality surgery.
  • Dr Pinho is a member of the Australian Dental Association
  • He has placed over 3,500 Dental Implants in the past 15 years
  • We use only Australian-approved high-quality dental implants
  • All of our Crowns are Made in Australia and come with 5 Years Warranty
  • We will discuss all the options and benefits of each material and company
  • No Hidden Costs
All our dental Implants are placed through the Dental Implant Professionals service. That gives all our clients assurance of a good quality treatment for what is possibly the lowest price in Australia

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Tooth Implant Sydney - Perk up Your Smile with Quality Dental Implants

Do you know that according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) 3.9 % (Men) to 4.9 % (Women) of adults on an average miss some of their teeth irrespective of their age due to tooth decay? Most of them are not able to lead the quality of life with a hearty smile on their faces. Dental implants in Sydney are an excellent solution to bring back the smile on your face.

Since the discovery of carved stone dated some 2000 years ago, dental implants were witnessed in human history to fill the missing teeth. Shell, bones, and gold were used in ancient times. However, with the discovery of new modern equipment in dentistry, dental implants procedure is now easier and leads to more success rate.

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Importance of Dental Implant Sydney

Our dental implant in Sydney can provide you natural-looking teeth without much hassle. We implant an artificial tooth in place of the missing teeth. You might have lost your teeth due to tooth decay or injury. Whatever may be the cause; our dentists will put an anchor in your jaw using titanium or similar metal. The new tooth will be extended from the post out of the anchor, and the jawbone will grow around the anchor. Once the anchor is set, our highly experienced dentists will implant the artificial tooth with the cement.

Our Process is Painless

Our teeth implants in Sydney are a regular process performed by our dentists. We are experts in implanting teeth without much pain. The use of advanced technology makes it painless to you. Our approach minimises the slight swelling for some time after surgery; however, our doctors will give you pain medication in the rare cases you feel any discomfort. You may have to consume only soft foods for a few days.

The Advantage of Dental Implant in Sydney

The advantage of dental implants is that you do not have to remove any stitches and there almost no bleeding at all . These implants are preferred over dentures which are mainly for cosmetic purposes. It helps you maintain dental hygiene as no food will get stuck during the healing. Our doctors make sure that there are no complications pre booked reviews.

The major advantage of our tooth implant in Sydney is the professionalism our doctors exhibit at Tooth Implants Sydney. All our doctors are highly qualified and experienced with international exposure. They will guide you patiently and help you maintain your dental health. We use modern technologies and equipment so that you do not develop any infection. Our dentists do the procedure so perfectly that you can just floss and brush the implants just like natural teeth.

Cost of Dental Implants $1500

Our $1500 dental implants cost in Sydney is indeed low when compared to others in the field. You need to know whether you want single or multiple implants. Costs vary according to the material and the choice of single or multiple implants; however, you can be rest assured that our implants are long-lasting and do not require frequent visits to your doctor once the implant is completed. We use the best materials that look and feel natural, making this procedure worth every penny you spend.

The Success Rate of Dental Implants

Our dental implants have a high-success rate depending upon the health of the person. Good oral hygiene helps in avoiding gum diseases, and due to the high quality of the implants we use, it does not form cavities. It is best to avoid smoking to maintain dental health and further extend the life of the implants.

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We are very proud to present the members of our Team

All Highly Experienced Dental Surgeons working in their own specific fields.

Dr Gunaridis

Dr Gunaridis is known as one of the most accomplished dental implant surgeons in Australia.


No Gap Dentists is very proud to be one of the very few clinics in Australia to have a specialist oral surgeon

Dr Michael Spiteri

Dr Spiteri is responsible for most surgical dental extractions under local anaesthetic in Sydney.

Dr Paulo Pinho

After years working in hospital trauma centres in Latin America and the United States with oral surgeons

Dr Evan Kuo

Dr Kuo is the principal for general and cosmetic dentistry in our location in Sydney.

Joanna Ibrahim

Joanna is possibly the most popular member of our team. She has now been helping our most loyal patients

Dr Albinia David

Dr Albinia satisfied the requirements of The Australian Dental Council as a General Dentist in 2021.

Vicky Wang

Vicky is our second longest team member. Very popular and loved by all in our service.

David Jang

No Gap Dentists is very excited to now be able to offer the most complex dental implant treatments

George Alvarez

George is one of our most experienced members with more than a decade of experience

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Tooth Implant Sydney

Dental Implant

A missing tooth can do more than affect your appearance and confidence. Dental implants are an ideal solution for replacing teeth click here

Tooth Implant Sydney

Dental Implant Cost

The tooth implant cost in Sydney depends on a number of factors including the type of implant and procedure click here

Dental Implant Cost Sydney

Dental Implant Overseas

Currently, a lot of Australians are opting to get their teeth implants done overseas. However, there are many risks associated click here

Dental Implant Overseas

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Services offered - Tooth Implant Sydney

Services offered

We offer both general and specialised services such as multiple teeth
implant and digital technology

Affordable Choice - Tooth Implant Sydney

Affordable Choice

We offer affordable services in the town. Our dental implants are sourced from world-renowned dental…

Professionalism - Tooth Implant Sydney


All our dental experts are members of the Australian Dental Association. Hence, we guarantee.

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We are locally available in Sydney which makes us your next-door neighbour. You can easily…

Why Digital Dental Implant?

Why Go For A Digital Dental Implant?

Dental implants digital are long lasting solutions than dentures. It is not only more natural in appearance but also more comfortable. Above all, implant dentures won’t fall off like a normal denture.

Why choose Dental Implants Sydney?

Best choices – We offer one of the best quality implants in the town. Our dental implants are sourced from world-renowned dental implant makers like MIS, Straumann, and Ankilos, among others.

Who are we?

Tooth Implants Sydney is a professional digital dental implant service provider. We offer easy and pain-free tooth implants in Sydney. Once you book your appointment to consult our dental expert in Sydney, we will take you through the systematic procedure so that you get a clear picture of the entire process. We have a team of implant dentists in Sydney to solve all your dental problems.
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Frequently asked questions

You won't find a metal-free teeth replacement; all the materials used for teeth replacements have some degree of metal ions. Generally, dental implants in Sydney are made using titanium alloy, which is highly biocompatible. Also, dental implant failure that occurs due to an allergic reaction to titanium is very minimal.

In All on 4, four implants are used to replace the entire set of upper or lower teeth, and those four implants provide the base for the placement of a new set of fixed teeth. With the All on 4 implants, posterior implants are tilted 45° and placed into the anterior maxilla. Unlike other methods, All On 4 dental implants in Sydney can be done even if there is no higher density of bone present.

No! Sydney dental implants are fixed and look, feel, and function more like a natural tooth and are permanently attached to your jaw. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to remove implants to get them cleaned. Dental implants require more jaw bone to get them fixed. In cases where there is a large amount of bone loss, bone grafting is done to strengthen the jaw, and then the implant is placed.

  • Sticky candies and sweets
  • Starchy foods that can get stuck in your mouth
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Lemons, citrus fruits and other acidic foods

The durability and its higher success rate makes dental implant in Sydney the most preferred option for replacing missing tooth. Moreover, these artificial roots look and feel more naturally and have a success rate of 98%. They are permanent and can last longer for more than 15 years or even for a lifetime. It has a faster healing phase and doesn’t require any replacement.

From scanning to planning to manufacturing, the digital dental implants system takes advantage of modern technology to fix dental implants in your jaw. The fully digital system allows for detailed analysis of every aspect of the planned procedure. By analyzing 3D computer models of the jawbone, digital dental implants Sydney are placed more precisely, simplifying the procedure and reducing your time in the dental chair. In addition to reducing the amount of time spent in surgery, the reduction of infection risks allows for quicker post-surgical recovery.

Dental implants in Sydney are the artificial teeth placed inside your jaw to replace missing teeth. These implants are suitable for patients with tooth decay, gum disease or other injury. Even though the success rate of these implants are high, taking proper care of these implants helps you to extend its lifetime to a greater extend.

  • Frame a daily implant care procedure to protect the implant from the formation of a yellowish dental biofilm.
  • Brush and floss regularly to remove food debris from between the teeth and implants.
  • Schedule regular dental check-ups to keep the longevity of your implant on track.
  • Get professional cleaning regularly by a specialist.

It is important to note that the success rate of dental implant surgeries is dependent on the specific area of the jaw where the implant is placed. In most cases, tooth implants Sydney has an approximately 98% success rate. Based on the characteristics of your health, your doctor will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of your success rate.

Dental implants are the most preferred technique world-wide to for replacing single missing teeth and supporting crowns. These implants are durable and long-lasting, and looks and feel like the natural teeth. Implant rejection occurs in rare cases and this can be avoided by following these preventative measures.

  • Choose an experienced dental professional with specialisation in implant dentistry.
  • Avoid applying pressure to the new implant and use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush your teeth.
  • Quit smoking and drinking alcohol since they can cause infection.
  • Practice good dental hygiene to prevent bacterial build up in your mouth and infection.

Dental implants in Sydney are considered as the effective solution for replacing missing or chipped teeth. Even though the success rate of these implants are close to 98%, some factors like peri-implant bone loss can lead to implant failure. Here are the top reasons that lead to dental implant failure,

  • Infection in the implant area
  • Positional failures
  • Current chemotherapy
  • Diabetes
  • Renal Failure
  • Osteoporosis
  • Implant material used and more.

Dental Implants Sydney