What Determines the Cost of Tooth Implants?

Cost of Tooth ImplantsOne of the most common questions asked by patients is how the cost of tooth implants is determined. The price of tooth implants differs on account of several factors, which the patient must pay attention to while researching for an affordable one. Here are some of such factors listed below.

1. Choice of Dentist

Irrespective of how much the dentist is committed to offer the best care for their patients, they do care about money as well. As a business, dentists are paid for their services offered and such fee varies from one dentist to the other depending on their proficiency and reputation.

2. Number of Teeth to be replaced

Increase in the number of teeth means that more dental implants are required. This directly impacts the cost – more the implants, more will the costs associated with the treatment.

3. Quality of Dental Implants

Despite the availability of diverse implant options available for the patients to choose from, the quality of dental implants is determined by the crown that is used, rather than the metal screw used to install. Quality also deals with the materials used in the implants. Resin, for instance is relatively cheaper than porcelain materials.

4. Condition of Patient

Patients encountering several problems will have to pay more, as the treatment involved would be higher for them. Any problem that arises would increase the time taken by dentists to offer treatment, thus eventually raising the overall costs.

Having dental insurance is beneficial for patients as they would cover the costs associated with the procedure. Visit a recognised dentist today and make your queries regarding the tooth implant cost.