Things That Influence The Lifespan Of Dental Implants

Right placement of the implantsPeople who have lost teeth have a variety of options when it comes to teeth restoration. The most common solutions considered by most patients include bridges, removable dentures and dental implants in Sydney. But out of all those, dental implants are a good deal, the most credible, convenient and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Implants function like your natural teeth. The titanium posts that anchor the artificial crowns get fused with your jawbone after the surgery and offer a structural foundation to the implants.  They also prop up your facial muscles and blends in with the surrounding teeth. Since dental implants cost in Sydney is higher, it is logical to wonder how long they last. Most patients ask their dentist whether the result is worth the cost of dental implants in Sydney.

There are a number of aspects that determine the longevity of dental implants. They are listed below,

  • The candidacy of the patient

If the dental implants have to be long-lasting, they require formidable support. This could be achieved only through a proper osseointegration procedure. Therefore, the patient should have a passable bone structure to accommodate implant support. Patients who are suffering from missing teeth for a considerable amount of time might be suffering from bone loss and would be analysed by their dentists thoroughly to ensure whether they are a good candidate for an implant procedure. If a person has inadequate bone, she/he must undergo a bone regeneration procedure to become suitable for dental implants.

  • Right placement of the implants

If the implants are not fixed at the right spots, it could lead to implant failure. The only way to ensure satisfactory results is to choose a highly qualified surgeon to perform the surgery. Fortunately, it is not that hard to find a dedicated specialist who offers affordable dental implants in Sydney.

  • Tooth decay

Severe tooth decay or gum disease can result in early dental implant failure. So it is highly recommended to take care of your oral hygiene vigilantly after the placement of dental implants.

  • Physical damage

If the patient is suffering from medical conditions like bruxism, the implants could be subjected to undue stress, which would lead to implant failure. Hence, it is essential for the dental surgeons to go through the medical record of the patients and check whether there are any conditions that need to be taken care of before placing the implants.

  • Lifestyle

An individual’s lifestyle circumstance like smoking, diabetes or intake of certain kinds of drugs could impact the lifespan of the dental implants. So many patients would be asked to make some lifestyle changes to improve the lifetime of the implants.

Though a superior quality implants is fabricated to last up to 25 years, they have the ability to last a lifetime with a proper care.