How Safe is Dental Implant for the Elderly?


People’s life expectancy has been improved with the latest advancements in technology and several scientific innovations in the medical field. But, poor lifestyle and eating habits have affected people’s dental hygiene so much so leading to several oral diseases like tooth decay and teeth loss. The loss of a single or complete natural dentition affects your socioeconomic status, income, education level, and other routine habits. It also lowers your self-esteem, impaired speech, increased health risk, changes in facial structure, facial ageing and more. Dental implants in Sydney have come a long way to alleviate these risks of being edentulous and enables people to have an enchanting social life, even after reaching old age. Recent reports on dental implants say that older women who had teeth implants reported physical, emotional and sexual health. But still, there are some misconceptions that dental implants will not be effective on old people

Are Elderly Good Candidates?

Whether they are 85, 90, or even 95 years old, dental implants would be equally effective in older people and the healing period is the same as that of younger patients. Even elder people with osteoporosis can have positive outcome on dental implant and they do not require bone grafting in cases they have a bone loss.

The Three Key Factors

The more important to thing to consider for getting a dental implant is your actual oral health than your age. Here are three key factors that decide whether you should get a dental implant or not despite of your age.

  • General health
  • Oral health
  • Bone health

Dental implant can be performed using variant anaesthesia and sedation options, based on the general and oral health of the patient. So, pick the one that is considered safest for you.

Treatment Options for Elders

Single Tooth Replacements

Aging affects the quality and quantity of the jaw bone, which is related to the length of the implants. So, making sure that you have enough jaw bone is essential for initial stability and success. This kind of treatment option is suitable for patients suffering from people with single tooth loss.

Implant Supported Over dentures

People who are completely edentulous get benefited from implant supported over dentures. In this treatment option two implants are placed in mandible to support an over denture. The success and survival rate of this technique is 100% and have a have a high longevity.

Generally, there is no upper age limit for for dental implant surgery. Today, a large number of elderly people over 65 and 75 ages have successfully got their implants done and are leading a fulfilled social life without any worry. The only factor to consider before getting teeth implants in Sydney is not age but the quality of bone available to place the implant.