Expert Tips to Take Care of Your Dental Implants


Usually made of Titanium, dental implants in Sydney are the artificial roots surgically placed inside your jaw to replace missing teeth. These dental implants are a miracle for people who have lost teeth due to decay, gum disease or other injury. Most people prefer to get dental implants because they are highly durable and look and feels like a natural teeth. For these reasons, they are considered far superior to bridges and denture. Even though this artificial tooth lasts long, only taking proper care of it can extend its life further. Here are a few tips to take proper care of your false teeth to make them extremely reliable and long-lasting.

Daily Implant Care

Daily implant care is nothing different from normal teeth care routine. Just as your natural teeth, implants also demand their own share of cleaning; if not a dental biofilm can develop on it. This biofilm is nothing but a yellowish plaque of disease causing bacteria that gets accumulated on the surface of the implant. This dangerous layer can affect the longevity and other functionality of your dental implants. In order to avoid bacteria getting accumulated on your dental implants, regular brushing and flossing is recommended. Use only a soft and non-abrasive brush to clean your implant or pair it with anti-bacterial dental gel for better results.


Make flossing as your daily oral hygiene routine to remove food debris from between the teeth and implants. This habit ceases the development of tooth decay and gum disease, and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria around it.

Dental Appointments

Scheduling regular dental appointment is important to take proper care of your dental implant and get the maximum benefit from them. During these follow-ups your dental professional checks for any deterioration of bones in the surrounding areas of the implant or adjacent teeth. If any such issues persist, he will take immediate measures to fix the problem before it explodes into a big issue.

Professional Cleaning

Getting a teeth cleaning or scaling done by a professional keeps the soft tissue healthy and prevents the development of any gum disease.  During the first year after implant placement, you should get your teeth cleaned professionally at least four times a year to avoid developing oral diseases or other dental complications.

Watch What You Eat

In order to improve the longevity of cheap dental implants in Sydney and keep your mouth healthy, avoid talking in sugary foods and juices. Watch out for these foods before taking them to your mouth.

Citrus Containing Beverages:

Makes your mouth highly acidic and leads to tooth decay


Attracts bacteria and causes excessive plaque build up

Pickled Food:

Deteriorates the outer surface of the implant

Sticky Foods:

Forms a destructive layer of plaque on the surfaces of implants

Also, premature loss of dental implants can be caused by clenching or grinding, chewing hard foods, including ice, and impact that occurs during contact sports. So, take precautions to reduce these risks.