Know The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Dental Implants

tooth implants SydneyReceiving dental implants is a significantly common dental treatment that has helped numerous individuals by offering solutions to their teeth replacement issues. This is a permanent answer for missing teeth and offers more than one reason as to why it is such a heavily requested procedure. A lot of people love the stability and security that come with this specific treatment. Here we have mentioned a few factors that affect the cost of dental implants.

Number of implants

Generally, the price per single dental implant will be lower where more than three implants are placed.

Brand of implant

There are many different manufacturers and brands of tooth implants in Sydney. Although the prices of the premium brands such as Nobel Biocare are within a close range, there are brands available at almost half the price but they come with only a 5 year materials guarantee. By paying the higher cost for a premium implants brand you get a 10 years guarantee for the material but also decrease the risk of treatment failure.

Type of implantation

The common types such as endosseous dental implants or the blade/plate form implants do not differ much in price. But the use of a sub-periosteal dental implant, that is required there is not much jaw structure for the placement of an endosseous implant, can raise significantly the total cost of tooth implants in Sydney.


Dental implants prices vary greatly from county to country or even from town to town. Implant dentists located in countries or areas of a country with lower cost of living and maintaining their dental practice can offer affordable dental implants in Sydney. In the recent years many patients decide to travel abroad for dental implants placement.


The experience of an implant dentist in planning and executing properly the implant placement is the main factor for the success of the treatment. Experienced dental implant dentists have a much lower failure rate on the implants they place. As you should expect the fees of a dental professional that works only with dental implants and has obtained a high level of expertise in this field will be higher than the fees of a dentist who only sporadically works with implant patients.


If the implant is about to replace one or more damaged or loose teeth that have not been extracted yet, the cost of extractions may be added to the treatment price.

CT scans

In difficult cases, when there is uncertainty for the condition of the jaw bone in the implantation area, x-rays do not provide adequate information. Computerized tomography (CT) scans can give a detailed 3 dimensional image of the jawbone and the location of structures such as nerves and sinuses that will help the dentist in treatment planning. Unfortunately CT scans or other special radiographic examinations may raise the cost of dental implants treatment