Importance of the Bone Augmentation Procedure and Its Types

Bone-Augmentation-Procedure-and-Its-TypesIf your Jawbone is not tall enough or wide enough or both to support the dental implants, the entire procedure may become unsuccessful .To overcome this difficulty, Bone Augmentation is necessary. It is the process of building bones above which the dental implants are placed. There are many procedures in Bone Augmentation and its cost varies similar to dental implants cost in Sydney. The selection process depends on the type, location and number of implants used. The various types are given below:

Bone Graft

In this procedure, either a bone is taken from your body or a special bone grafting material is used. Then it is grafted on to your own bone. Then after some time which may be several months, the graft creates enough bone to secure the implant. In some conditions a minor graft which can be done at the same of the implant procedure is enough.

Sinus Lift

Maxillary sinus is situated above the back teeth and jaw on either side the nose. Sinus lift is done by filling a part of the maxillary sinus with bone and increases its height. Thus, the upper jaw would have enough bone to allow the implants to be placed.

Split Ridge Technique

This is ridge expansion procedure where a special saw is used to split the top ridge and place grafting material in the space formed. This is used if the jaw is not wide enough to support the implant.

Use of Pins And Screws

Initially a Surgeon cuts your jawbone to separate a piece of jawbone from the rest. Then a titanium device is inserted with pins and screws which holds the bone apart from the jaw. Overtime, as the device is unscrewed a small amount and this makes the space between the space between the piece of the bone and the jawbone taller.

After the procedure you will be given medicines and antibacterial mouthwash. You will be also asked to avoid certain foods or to put any pressure in the area. If you follow these carefully you can positively look forward to a brand new smile.