How much do Dental Implants Cost? 5 Things to Know


How Can Missing Teeth Affect Your Oral Health?

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Missing one or more teeth not just impacts your smile, but also affects your health. Thankfully, dental experts offer high quality dental implants that can resolve the problem and restore the smile for you. Dental implants are used by millions of people around the world, and they are praised for its high success rate and comfortability. But how much do dental implants cost in Sydney? Find out below.

The cost of dental implants is dependent on the following factors:

Number of implants required:

If you have more than one tooth missing, you will require a corresponding number of tooth implants. It goes without saying that replacing multiple teeth will cost relatively more than single tooth replacements. A dental implants expert can assess the condition of your teeth and let you know how much would it cost, based on the number of implants provided to you.

Jaw bone density:

One of the important things about this tooth replacement procedure is that you should have sufficient jaw bone density to support dental implants. Without enough bone density, it would be really hard for the implant to do its work. If the bone density is inadequate, you will be provided an additional procedure called bone grafting before placing dental implants Sydney. Bone grafting will prepare your mouth to support a replacement tooth, so that your treatment becomes successful. This additional step will add up to the total cost of the treatment.

Location of your missing tooth:

Different patients encounter different conditions, which is why dental experts are committed to offer a personalised care for everyone. By looking into the structure of your mouth and your present oral health condition, the dental expert will analyse how the procedure should be executed. The teeth must be adjusted to make it work as intended. If the location is hard to reach, the professional will have to put in extra work with advanced tools that will cost you more.

Purpose of extraction:

Sometimes, cheap dental implants in Sydney are suggested even when the tooth hasn’t fallen out, mainly because of its poor health. In this case, the tooth must be extracted first before placing the implants. This procedure will be an added expense in the entire treatment. When you deal with skilled dental professionals, they will only suggest what is right for you. Based on the suggested treatment, an approximate cost will be revealed to you beforehand.

Your oral health:

If you are facing any oral health issues, separate treatments will be provided to resolve them before moving ahead with the dental implants procedure. The cost of these treatments will be included in the process.

These factors are considered to compute the total dental implants cost in Sydney. Make sure you are dealing with a reliable dental care centre that charges you reasonably for the quality of treatment offered. Your satisfaction matters!