A Guide to Understanding Dental Implants and Diabetic Patients

Diabetic Patients Dental Implants

Millions of people across the world suffer from either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes aggravates the existing dental problems and leads to tooth loss in many patients. Dental implants in Sydney are the most reliable and comfortable treatment option for replacing the missing teeth. Read on to find out how safe it is for diabetic patients to get dental implants and what are the potential risks.

Is it safe for diabetic patients to get dental implants?

Previously, it was believed that diabetic patients are not suitable candidates for dental implants in Sydney. But with advancement of dental implant treatment and diabetic control measures, diabetic patients can safely opt for dental implants. However, the patients must consult the right dentist and ensure that the best treatment plan is in place to increase the success rate of the implants.

What are the common issues that affect diabetic patients availing dental implants?

  • Diabetic patients have a very high risk of gum problems and when left unnoticed the gum disease spreads and results in tooth loss. The gum problem in some cases can also weaken the bone thus making the patient less suitable for getting tooth implants in Sydney. Diabetic patients must first be checked for potential gum issues, treated accordingly and then subjected to implant treatment.
  • Diabetic patients experience very slow recovery time when compared to the normal patients. When dental implants are placed on the jaw, the tissues start to grow and come closer to the implants. They fuse together and finally form a stable platform for holding the implants steadily. In normal patients, this process takes about 6-8 weeks. However in diabetic patients, the same process takes almost 12 months.

Note: The healing period varies from one diabetic patient to another based on the existing health condition and lifestyle habits.

  • Dental implants in patients with poorly controlled diabetes suffer lower survival rate due to the high blood glucose level.
  • Dental implants come with a minor risk of infection around the implant site. The risk is much higher in diabetic patients as the inflammatory response to the surgical area is different.

How can diabetic patients successfully enjoy the benefits of dental implants?

Sydney-based dental implants treatment can be accomplished in diabetic patient by following the below tips.

  • Patients must keep the blood glucose level under control by following strict dietary restrictions and routine exercises.
  • The complete health history of the diabetic patient must be examined thoroughly before the dental implant treatment.
  • Patients who have been just diagnosed with diabetes are better candidates for dental implants when compared to those with chronic diabetes.
  • The post-surgery care tips must be followed religiously and for the recommended time period.