Analysing the cost of dental implants

dental implants cost in Sydney

Have you lost a tooth? You are probably wondering about dental implants right now. They are the perfect solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile. As the dental implants cost in Sydney is higher when compared to other teeth replacement options, people usually hesitate to have the surgery. Here are some cost-related details you need to know before deciding whether dental implants are right for you,

On average, the rate of dental implants is about $4000. However, there are clinics that offer dental implants at more affordable rates. Also, dental implants are highly customised and the number of implants, appointments, procedures required and the cost of dental implants in Sydney varies depending on the individual. This is why they appear so natural. Other teeth replacement solutions might cost lower initially but they don’t last longer as dental implants. Thus, you would have to replace them regularly, making them costlier in the long term.

You can also travel abroad to obtain dental implants at a cheaper price. But it is important to observe caution so that you would not be duped with a low quality dental implant. If an estimated price or quote appears too good to be true, then it is best to turn them down. High quality and ever-lasting implants do not come cheap. There are various features that determine the cost of the dental implants. They are listed below,

  • Number of stages required

Dental implants can be fixed in a single procedure or in two stages. The 2-stage process is required if the patients need bone grafting to ensure the stability of the implant.

  • Number of implants

This obviously affects the cost of dental implants in Sydney. Many individuals are in need of a single implant while the others need replacement for a whole arch.

  • Materials used

The materials are made of bio-compatible substances that can react well with the jawbone without causing any allergic reaction. These high-quality materials are costly.

  • The need for additional procedures such as x-rays and CT scans

This step cannot be ignored as the test results enable the surgeon to see if you have the required jawbone for the implants. They can also aid the surgeon to understand the complexity of the surgery.

  • The location of the clinic

If the clinic is located in an urban area, the rate of the dental implants is increased because the overall cost of maintaining an office there is high.

  • The number of professionals involved
  • The complexity of the procedure
  • The requirement of operations such as sinus lift and bone grafts
  • The knowledge, skill and the expertise of the surgeon

Make sure that the estimated quote includes all these factors to avoid making any surprise payments in the end.