Five Common Questions about Dental Implants Answered

dental implants in Sydney

Dental implants have become the most common and trusted option for replacing missing teeth. However, patients still have their own doubts and queries about implants that fuse into the jawbone and offer a permanent solution for replacing the missing teeth.

Read on to find out detailed answers to your questions about cheap dental implants in Sydney.

  • Are dental implants safe for everyone?

Dental implants do not cause any damage to bone and their constituent materials are safe too. Any patient with missing teeth can opt for the surgery after consultation with the dentist. However, if the patient has existing medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure then it is considered safe to talk to the healthcare provider and followed the recommended precautions before the surgery.

  • Are there any risks involved with dental implant surgery?

Like any other dental procedure, availing dental implants in Sydney may involve very minor risks. Most of them are very minimal and can be easily prevented or tackled by following the proper steps. Health risks like infection in the implant site, nerve damage, damage to nearby blood vessels and sinus problems may be observed in some cases. Dentists recommend a set of post-surgical tips to avoid any major complications.

  • How long does it take for the treatment process to be completed?

Dental implants treatment can take up to few months (including the healing off period). Dental implants treatment involves different stages and a healing period is allowed between the stages. Both time and dental implants cost in Sydney vary from one patient to another based on the dental condition. Patients who are suffering from gum problems or require bone grafting may have to spend more time and cost to complete the dental implants process successfully.

  • Who is the right candidate for getting dental implants?

Dental implant is the best tooth replacement options if the patient is missing one or more teeth due to an accident. Patients who believe that dentures are interfering with their way of speech or their eating habits can opt for dental implants. To get dental implants in Sydney, the patient must have sufficient jawbone to support the dental implant. Also, the oral health of the patient must be conducive to support dental implants.

  • What are the top most benefits of dental implants

A smile is never complete with missing teeth. Dental implants look like natural teeth and enhance the appearance of the patient. Implants are very comfortable and unlike dentures they are very comfortable, do not slip through the mouth and can be worn while eating all types of food items. Dental implants are easy to maintain and if cared for properly, they can last safely for many years.