Five Factors Involved In The Recovery From Dental Implants Surgery

One common question that pops up right after dental implant surgery is “when can I get back to my normal routine?” Just like the cost of dental implants in Sydney, there is no definite answer to this question too. Every case is different and recovery time varies significantly from patient to another. For instance, some patients are up and energetic the very next day post-surgery, while others take more than a week to get back to work.

Read on to find out some of the important factors involved in the recovery process of dental implants.

  • Number of implants availed by the patient

If the patient has received only one or two implants then the recovery process is simpler and quicker. Chances of bruises, swelling and other similar post-surgery effects tend to intensify in patients who have received multiple dental implants in Sydney. As a result, these patients take more time to get back on their feet and to continue their routine tasks.

  • The need for bone grafting

Not everyone can avail dental implants. For dental implants to hold the replacement teeth, there must be sufficient jawbone. The implant fuses into the jawbone and then the bone grows around the implants and supports it. Patients without sufficient jawbone may have to undergo bone grafting prior to getting dental implants (bone grafting can affect dental implants cost too). Bone grafting involves use of bone-like material to augment the site of dental implants. Also, the level of bone grafting may vary from simple to complex thus having a significant effect on recovery time of the patient.

  • Existing oral conditions

If the patient looking to replace his missing teeth with dental implants is suffering from gum infection or other dental problems, then treatment will take more time than anticipated. Patients must be treated for these conditions and must recover completely before the dental implant surgery in initiated. Overall, bad oral hygiene implies significant delay in the dental implant procedure and recovery.

  • Post-surgery care

Once the dental implant surgery in Sydney is completed, the doctor offers a whole list of instructions to be followed. Keeping up with these instructions ensures minimum recovery time. For instance, post the dental implants surgery patients are expected to follow the recommended diet and keep away from certain food items. The patients must keep their mouth area clean and must follow a regular oral routine. Failing to keep up with instructions leads to infection and other severe complications.

  • Lifestyle habits of the patient

Smokers and those who consume alcohol regularly will take more time to recover from the treatment.  Patients who have a stressful life and are involved with intense physical activities can suffer from swelling and bleeding post-surgery. The recovery time is therefore affected by the habits and practices followed by the patient too.