Pregnancy and Dental Implants – Key Things To Take Care Of!

Increased hormonal activity during pregnancy causes multiple changes in the body and increases the risk of gum infection and other dental problems. While pregnant women are recommended to follow strict oral hygiene practices, sometimes they suffer from dental deterioration and are forced to go for dental implants.

Affordable dental implants in Sydney can be availed by pregnant women with proper precautions. Here is a list of the factors that must be remembered during dental implants treatment for pregnant women.

  • Understand the risks involved and follow precautionary steps always

Given the recent advancement in dentistry, dental implants in Sydney can be completed safely in pregnant women. However, patients must educate themselves about the procedure, the risks involved through each step of the treatment and ways to mitigate the treatment effectively. To do so, an open discussion with the dental surgeon must be facilitated. A complete medical history must be submitted and a word of advice from the gynaecologist must be obtained too.

  • Avoid exposure to x ray

Dental x rays are mandatory to determine the position of dental implant before surgery. Though most medical practitioners believe that minimal exposure during the first and third trimesters are not risky, it is recommended to not take any chances. Dental x rays focus primarily on the mouth area only and chance of exposing the unborn child is less. However, pregnant women must inform their surgeon or lab technician about their pregnancy before the x-ray session. This ensures that proper protection is administered and the radiation has zilch effect on the foetus.

  • Keep stress away

Like any medical procedure, dental implants surgery in Sydney can also induce tension and anxiety in the patient. But too much stress can affect the foetus and turn detrimental to the overall health of the patient. If dental implants treatment is unavoidable during pregnancy, prepare yourself mentally for the treatment. Take time to choose the best clinic in town and you can be assured of the safety factor as well as the outcome of the treatment. Relax and let the dental surgeon take care of your missing tooth.

  • Practice caution during administration of anaesthesia

Ensure that your treatment will be carried out only under the influence of local anaesthetics as general anaesthesia or other forms of sedation can cause potential harm to the developing foetus.

New mothers are busier than expectant mothers and must dedicate all their time to the new born child. Therefore, cheap dental implants surgery in Sydney immediately after childbirth can be very demanding and time consuming. If your dental problem cannot wait for long, it is recommended to have the treatment completed during pregnancy. Keep track of the above-mentioned factors and you can enjoy a smooth, hassle-free experience.