Best Ways to Prevent a Tooth Loss

Prevent Tooth Loss

Tooth Implants in Sydney is the best way to replace your missing teeth.  But, there are ways, which can be taken to help avoid your loss of tooth and maintain a positive oral health.  Here are a few ways to get started:

Reduce intake of sugar

Intake of too much of sugar in the diet can decay your teeth.  This will raise the spirits of your bad bacteria and promote gum disease, which will lead to loss of teeth.  Chewing gums or sweets will also pull out the weaker teeth.

Visit your dentist regularly

You should visit your dentist at least once in every 6 months.  Gum disease cannot be identified until it reaches the advanced stage.  There are many people who assume that they don’t have a gum disease.  Dentists can find them easily, so you should never miss you dental appointments.

Get Rid of Gum Disease

Gum Disease is considered as the major factor that causes loss of tooth.  Excessive plaque build-up is the reason for the cause of Gum disease.  Also, there are other factors, which weakens up the gums and imitates the growth of plaque, they are – Poor Diet, Obesity, Smoking.  This plaque can be avoided by brushing twice every day and flossing.

Quit smoking

Smokers are twice at risk to suffer a tooth loss than a non-smoker.  So, quit smoking to make your mouth stay healthy.

Maintain a healthy diet

Eating and drinking healthy, helps keep your mouth free from cavities in the future.  It is not only a reflection of your healthy teeth, but also a healthy body.  Consuming foods with low calories and sugar content will benefit your teeth. This will help increase the flow of saliva and wash the bacteria away.

Rinse your teeth after every intake of food

Rinsing the mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash can help prevent the gum problems and cavities.

Use a tongue scraper to clean up your tongue

Research states that 50% of the bacteria survive on the tongue.  As the bacteria in the mouth are also an important reason for the tooth loss, it is very important to brush the tongue and teeth.  There are many brushes in the market, which comes with a tongue scraper attachment, use this in your daily brushing routine.

Avoid grinding your teeth

Grinding your teeth too much will weaken the enamel.  Later, this will make your teeth vulnerable to decay.  If experience any signs of inflammation, you dentist might recommend you to use a mouth guard at night, to prevent grinding.

If you are already suffering from a tooth loss, then dental implants in Sydney might be of help to you.