Do I Need Dental Bone Grafting for Implant?

Dental Implants

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

Bone grafting is an ordinary procedure that is carried out before the dental implants, to thicken and widen the jawbone so that it supports the dental implants aptly. Most of the times, there are many chances that our bones degenerate due to the tooth loss and various other oral diseases. Furthermore, the upper jawbone is usually narrow because of the presence of the sinus cavity above it. In these cases, undergoing a bone grafting can improve the success of a dental implants procedure, as it requires being deep-rooted to the jaw bones. But, bone grafting is not always recommended for patients who intend to receive dental implants, especially if implants are being fixed to the upper jaw.

Who Needs Bone Grafts?

Bone grafting can be carried out for many reasons, which includes injury and disease. Yet the following are the main reasons for bone grafting, if you are intending to take cheap dental implants Sydney

  • A person who has undergone multiple or complex jaw fractures or the ones that didn’t heal well even after the treatment.
  • Anyone who has lost a tooth might have to undergo the bone grafting. This is because, the socket could be infected, or the lost tooth might be of the wrong size to support a tooth replacement.
  • Usually, patients do not take up the implants on the same day they lose the tooth. It could be either due to their logistical or financial concerns. But, in either way, the loss of bone happens each day after the tooth is lost.

How do I know if I should undergo a bone graft?

Usually, a dentist or an oral surgeon will carry out various diagnostics like X-rays to understand if your bone is too thin for the implants. They do this because, only the diagnostic images can state if you require additional bone to be added up and how much should you add to increase the bone strength. Just in case, if you are supposed to undergo bone grafting, your dentist might require you to visit an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) for this procedure, as this requires much precision and expertise.

Whose bone is used for the grafting procedure?

The surgeon will either use your own bone or a processed bone for this procedure. Moreover, there are many new technologies in the market, which might not require the actual bone, instead, it can transform the cells into bone. Yet, this new technology might not work for everyone.

Are you looking to get affordable dental implants cost Sydney but worried about the bone grafting procedure? Don’t worry, get in touch with an expert dentist and see if you really have to undergo the bone grafting procedure.