Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

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Many assume that missing teeth as just a cosmetic problem. That is why many patients who are missing teeth at the back of their mouth, don’t get them replaced for years. However, even a single tooth can lead to many oral problems that could damage your healthy teeth. Replacing missing teeth is not only good for the appearance but also for your oral and overall health as well.

Restore functionality

Even if you are missing a single tooth, you will lose the overall function of your bite. If you would like to restore functionality in order to make it easier to talk and chew, consider replacing solutions like same day dental implants. Do not consider the all on 4 dental implants cost Sydney when it comes to your dental health. The new teeth can work together with your natural teeth to restore the function of your bite.

Protect your facial structure

When there is a gap in your teeth, the other teeth can start to shift on it. It is the teeth that protect the facial bone and when a tooth is missing, there are no longer any teeth to support the bone structure. Over time, missing teeth might start to change the shape of your face. Your teeth may start to sink in around the areas where you are missing teeth. Therefore, it is essential to replace missing teeth as early as possible. If all on 4 dental implants cost Sydney is your major concern, you could speak to your dentist about the dental implants Sydney payment plan. You wouldn’t want to look older than your age. So, consider replacing your missing teeth as early as possible.

After a tooth is lost, the body gradually cuts off blood to the area, which can cause both the gums and the jaw to recede. Since the jaw is weakened, it can’t support your remaining teeth as well, making it much more likely that they will eventually fall out. With dental implants, this internal support is restored, and they even help renew the healthy blood flow to the area that will maintain its strength.

Keep your gums healthy

When a tooth is missing, a part of the gum tissue will be exposed and it makes it more susceptible to gum disease. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. If choose not to replace your missing teeth, you will lose all your natural teeth as well over time. This is how a missing tooth can lead one another problems, causing a domino effect that can devastate your oral health. Dentures deteriorate your gums and bones. On the other hand, dental implants help protect this sensitive gum tissue, and help maintain the natural balance in your mouth so it can stay healthy.

Keep oral problems at bay

When you have a gap in your teeth, it is very likely that your remaining teeth are going to shift into the open space. This can cause your teeth to become crooked, which not only affects the look of your smile, but its functionality as well. By replacing your missing teeth, you could keep dental problems like dental decay and gum disease at bay.

Full mouth dental implants cost Sydney is affordable and replacing missing teeth has got a range of benefits.