What Will it Cost to Have Dental Implants?

Dental Implants treatment

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The possibility of losing a tooth or teeth through one’s lifetime is always present, it is not a comfortable thought at all but one we all have to consider and we also need to think of the options we have after losing the tooth.

For a long time now people have opted for dentures and they seem rather affordable but there are problems with comfort, durability, and having to remove them from time to time, this is why implants are picking up steam. You may have heard of the procedure but still, wonder how much dental implants cost. This article will enlighten you on that.

Cost of Implants

If you are expecting a particular figure, you will be disappointed. Implants may vary according to where you have them done, the amount of technical labour that goes into it, the materials used and so on and so forth.

Usually, before you have the procedure done, you can sit down with the specialist who will examine your dental structure and have an assessment done which will result in a final estimate being carried out. Some of the things that are included in the estimate will include

  • Consultation fee
  • X-rays and dental impressions
  • Materials to be fitted (implant, tooth, abutment)
  • Follow up visits
  • Possible emergency treatment
  • CT scan

The above is just a general list of charges that will appear on the quotation. You need to know that different procedures will have different charges. You might find some surgeons offer cheap dental implants because of the materials used.

The great thing is everything is broken down for you and you will not be ambushed by costs, which is why even a quote for emergency service will be included even if you may not need it. It would be advisable to shop around to find out which is more affordable, but do not sacrifice quality while doing so.

Rough Estimate

Even though you cannot get a single cost for the procedure, it is still possible to have a range. This may not be a 100% accurate but at least you can understand what you would be looking at. If we were to take in the cost of having just one tooth replaced, the cost could be within the range of $2000 and $7000. The higher side here is taking into account the possibility of complications and having the best surgeons with durable implants inserted.

Using this estimate, you can deduct that if you were to fit your entire mouth with implants, you might spend over $20,000. There are however some ways to minimise the dental implants cost, for example using bridges so that the number of implants is reduced.

Justification for the Cost of Implants

Many people wonder why the procedure needs to be that expensive. Well it is not about making money off toothless people, the specialists undergo training that is expensive, then they also have to use materials that cost a lot to acquire. Think just of the x-rays and scans and then custom making a tooth that can fit in the space. In the end, about 70% or more of the cost goes into the materials and procedure.

If you read more about the procedure of dental implants, you probably would be able to appreciate the pricing and feel more comfortable having the procedure carried out.