What Makes Dental Implants Little Expensive?

Dental Implants

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The dental implant is the expert suggested tooth replacement option. Yes, the dental implants cost in Sydney is expensive than other tooth replacement options. This is due to its good reasons. Some people don’t aware of this and end up moving to other tooth replacement options. Finally, they are flooded with regret. To avoid this happen, here in this blog, we have compared some of the traditional tooth replacement options with dental implants, which allows you to understand the real truth what makes dental implants a little expensive than other tooth replacement options, and why people select dental implant than other options.

Available Tooth or Teeth Replacing Options

There are three tooth replacement options available to replace your missing tooth or teeth. They are,

  1. Dental Implant
  2. Dental Bridges
  3. Removable Dentures

Dental Implant

Having dental implants in Sydney is the permanent tooth replacement option that is made by small dental surgery. To make it like a real tooth and function like a real tooth, a dental fixture will be fixed in your tooth jaw, which serves as a tooth root, and the teeth like crown will be fixed to cover it.


  1. No regular check-ups required
  2. strong stable, and lifelong replacement
  3. Permanent and long-lasting
  4. No involvement of your neighbouring teeth
  5. Natural look and feel.
  6. Give a healthy and fearless smile, which help with improved psychological confidence
  7. High success rate
  8. Post-procedural maintenance is minimal ( only regular brushing and flossing required)
  9. No sensitivity to cold and hot foods
  10. Can enjoy the food of your choice with minimal restrictions
  11. Biocompatible
  12. Bone preservation


  1. The dental implants cost in Sydney will be a little high comparing other options. However, if you choose the right dentist, you can make the procedure an affordable one.

Dental Bridges

These are removable partial dentures, which won’t last than five years.

To hold the dentures, small attachments remain on nearby teeth. This artificial teeth set with its plastic base will be custom made for each patient.


  1. Less expensive and less expensive
  2. Speech and chewing ability are not affected
  3. Time taken for total treatment is very less
  4. Provide natural-looking result


  1. Poor gum health patient cant avail this
  2. It should be removed, if any problem arises with the supporting teeth
  3. Bone preservation is not done
  4. Chance of tooth decay
  5. NO supporting teeth, then no dental bridges
  6. Adjacent healthy teeth are trimmed

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are also called as a traditional denture that fits over your gums. With this tooth replacement option, you can remove it whenever needed. The durability of this tooth-replacement is five to seven years. So, it is essential to replace it often.


  1. Can restore your smile
  2. Economical
  3. Less invasive


  1. The metal clasps are visible. So, it won’t appear as natural as dental implants.
  2. It should be removed and clean on a daily basis.
  3. It will be quite uncomfortable
  4. For few weeks, speech and grinding ability will be affected
  5. Denture breakage if it drops down
  6. Sticky and hard food is restricted
  7. Need to change the denture frequently

Now, compare the options and choose the fine one that works well for you. The expert suggestion is to have cheap dental implants in Sydney.