How to tell if You are Eligible for Dental Implants? Here are 3 Factors

dental implant in Sydney.

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Dental implants are one of the most demanded procedures in the world of dentistry, mainly because of its ability to recreate the look and functionality of natural teeth. Dental implant price in Sydney is reasonable, considering how they last for years and are just as strong as your natural tooth. Once they are placed in your mouth, maintaining dental implants is quite easy as well. Majority of people are eligible for dental implants, but in rare cases, the procedure won’t be recommended for certain individuals. Here are the important factors that determine one’s eligibility for dental implants.


Just like how our natural teeth are supported by their tooth roots, dental implants also require a steady foundation for it to stay intact. If your jaw is still in its development stage, any change to its structure can impact the success of dental implant in Sydney. This is why dental professionals deny offering tooth implants for patients under the age of 18. In any case, the dental expert will assess the development of your jaw before telling if you are eligible for the treatment. If you jaw is healthy and has sufficient bone density, you can move forward with the procedure.


During the initial consultation, it is necessary to tell a dental professional whether you are taking any medications. Only then they will be able to tell you if it’s okay for you to go ahead with the surgery. Sometimes, the medications you take could interfere with the anaesthesia provided during the procedure. Once you reveal your prescription medications, the dental expert will take the right measures to keep you safe. They will also provide you the right post-surgery medications in order to make the recovery process smoother.

Healthy Gums and Jawbone:

As mentioned earlier sufficient jaw bone density is absolutely necessary to be credible for dental implants. Titanium dental implants naturally fuse with the jawbone and they stay in place overtime. This occurs with a process known as also integration which will only be successful if the jawbone is healthy. If you don’t have adequate job bone density an additional procedure called bone grafting will be provided before placing dental implant in Sydney.

Besides good jaw health, you must also have healthy gums to support your dental implants. Those with periodontal disease will lose gum tissues until they implement the right measures to improve their oral hygiene. Once you resolve your dental problems, you are very likely to get dental implants.

Besides the above factors, there are certain other things that can inhibit the healing process of dental implants. One of them include the usage of tobacco and alcohol, which can hinder the recovery process of the treatment. Avoid using these dangerous products and make sure you are following the instructions diligently. This can definitely ensure the success of the treatment. Contact an expert to know how much dental implants cost in Sydney and opt for the treatment soon.