Getting a Dental Implant Surgery? Here are the Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous…


The longevity and the natural looking characteristics of dental implants have gained it a popular reputation among the people all over the world. If you are missing a tooth or suffering from loose tooth, then dental implants are the ideal option. These dental implants play a major role in maintaining the alignment of surrounding teeth, and preserving facial contours. Today, dental implants are considered as the gold standard for tooth replacement. To get a successful implant procedure, there must be a sufficient amount of healthy jawbone to anchor the implant and the adjacent gums and teeth must be healthy.

Why Implants are an Ideal Option?

Dental implants are considered as the best option for treating tooth loss because it looks more natural. The titanium material used in the implants bonds well with the jaw line and provides structural integrity to implant. Implants are also proved to improve one’s appearance as they look just like natural teeth and support the facial muscles. Many people who have received dental implants also report that their implant saved them from undergoing a plastic surgery, because it smoothed wrinkles on their face.

But still, many people are nervous about getting a dental implant surgery because of the inconvenience and the little discomfort it causes during the surgery and healing period. So, here we have listed a few reasons why implant surgery is nothing to be worried about.

Precisely Planned Process

Affordable dental implant in Sydney is a relatively minor process and the procedure involved in the surgery is well-planned ahead of the time during the initial consultation. Your dentists will also use x-ray or CT imaging to determine the exact problem of the patient and create a surgical guide to use during the procedure to make incisions for complex cases.

Surgery under Anaesthesia

Good news for people who are worried of getting dental implants because of the pain. Nowadays, implant surgery can be performed under the influence of local anaesthesia to make it simple and easier. The local anaesthetic will numb only the implant site and surrounding tissues while you remain conscious. But in case, if you have any anxiety your dentist can also include a sedative or anti-anxiety medication before proceeding.

Minimal Discomfort after Surgery

Advancements in the implantation techniques and the pre-planned surgical guide have made getting dental implants more comfortable and convenient. The advanced dental implant procedure causes only a very little tissue disruption and incised tissues are normally stitched with self-absorbing sutures. In some cases, stronger pain relievers or a mild non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug aspirin or ibuprofen are given to reduce the pain and discomfort after surgery or during the recovery process.

Also, the healing period of dental implants is very short and has a success rate of 95-97%

Dental Implants are Long-lasting

Unlike temporary dentures, dental implants are long-lasting and require only a little maintenance. Generally, the life span of dental implant is 25 to 30 years and with proper care it can last for even longer. The longevity of the dental implant is determined by the following factors,

  • Maintenance of Implants
  • Daily flossing, brushing and visiting dentist every six months
  • Don’t chew or bite down extremely hard food items or any other particles.
  • Schedule an appointment with a skilful dentist
  • More likely depend on your lifestyle, eating habit and overall health

For less than 10 percent of people, minimally invasive bone grafts is done to increase the strength and density of their jawbone. Low jawbone density is usually caused by any one of the following reasons,

  • Trauma
  • Infections
  • Diseases
  • Tooth loss.

If your implants are well-maintained, then it can last for a lifetime without the need for replacement. When the implants are taken care of poorly, a covering of hard and soft deposits called calculus and plaque develops and starts spreading to the surrounding tissues leading to bone loss.  Moreover, the cost of getting cheap dental implants in Sydney is very low and the quality of the implants is better than any other countries in the world.

Various Other Benefits of Dental Implant Surgery

  • Better quality of life
  • Prevents the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Permanent for a lifetime
  • Beautiful smile

With all these benefits, you have nothing to worry about giving a thought to dental implant. Getting dental implants in Sydney not only saves you a huge sum of money but also saves you a better smile that makes your future bright and lively. So, why wait? Book an appointment with your dentist in Sydney now to get a more natural smile that you can afford!