Elements that Play a Role in the Overall Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implantscost of dental implants help thousands of people to get back their normal life after the loss of teeth. They can once again relish their favourite cuisine and smile confidently without any hindrance. You might be wondering how much you have to pay for getting dental implants. Unfortunately, there is no fixed cost for dental implants. It varies based on the circumstances of the each patient. Here are the things that determines the dental implant cost,

Number of stages

The implants would be usually fixed in a single stage. But sometimes your bone would be too weak to support implants. This condition requires an additional procedure for bone graft. In this surgery, a donor bone would be placed near your existing bone. And it would eventually grow and get fused with your bone. Then the jawbone can readily support the implants. Obviously the need for bone graft would increase the cost of dental implants.

Number of implants

The cost of the dental implants depends on the number of the implants needed for the patient. Getting an implant for a single missing tooth is considerably cheaper than replacing a whole arch.


Implants are made of high quality bio-compatible materials so that they could fuse easily with the jawbone without building any allergic reaction. The most commonly used material is Titanium. But you can also choose ceramic, which is costlier and easier to fix in case of any allergies or individual preferences.


This is a very important step. Without a proper imaging of your mouth, the dentist cannot determine if you have adequate jawbone for the implants. Other than that, the dentist would know whether to expect any complications during the surgery and take steps to avoid it.

The method of placements

There are two types of placements: Static and Dynamic. In static placement, the dentist would be using your x-ray imaging as guidance for performing the surgery. On the other hand, dynamic placement employs software and computer monitor to aid the surgeon throughout the process. The price of the dental implants varies accordingly.

Location of the dental clinic

People would go for dental tourism to get cheaper dental implants, although there are plenty of reasons to avoid taking such risk. Even in your home country, dental implant cost can vary based on the area in which it is located and the cost of living associated with it.

The only way to find the rate accurately is to have a consultation with your dentist. After assessing your condition, your dentist would offer a treatment plan that includes the total number of appointments you might need and overall cost of dental implants.