Dental Bridges versus Dental Implants – Key Things to Know!

Dental Bridges versus Dental ImplantsMissing tooth may be the result of an accident, gum infection or old age. In any case, the missing tooth must be replaced without delay in order to prevent infections and to sport a confident smile. Teeth implants in Sydney and dental bridges are the most common ways of replacing the missing tooth.

Find out which one of these treatments is right for you!

Regular Oral Care

Dental bridges involve the crowns of the teeth found adjacent to the missing tooth thus making the cleaning process more complex. Both flossing and brushing the teeth must be done perfectly in order to ensure maximum protection. Dental implants on the other hand involve replacement of tooth individually and the oral care routine can be as normal as ever.

Stability and life of the treatment

Dental implants are more permanent and can last for almost the entire lifetime of the patient. The strong integration of the jawbone and the titanium implant is the reason behind the increased permanence of the treatment. Bridges, however, can last for a maximum of up to 10 years after which they tend to fail due to normal wear and tear.


Superficially, dental implants costs in Sydney are higher than the bridges. But the fact that they are more permanent and demand lesser maintenance on a daily basis, make them the more cost-efficient investment for patients.

Dental implants though relatively new, have quickly grown into popularity. The high success rate of the procedure is making it the most preferred choice to replace one or more missing teeth.