Are Dental Implants A Permanent Solution For Tooth Loss?

Are Dental Implants A Permanent Solution For Tooth Loss?

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Yes! Dental implants are the permanent solution for a missing tooth. Digital dental implants are a major breakthrough in the field of restorative dentistry. It offers an attractive and comfortable solution for those who have lost a tooth. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that feels completely natural and improves the quality of life. Besides, it has a high success rate when compared to bridges and dentures.

What are digital dental implants?

The digital implant takes advantage of modern dental technology that allows placing implants with the help of computer-guided digital implant technology. From scanning and planning to manufacturing and placing, the technologies allow for a detailed analysis of every aspect of the procedure.

Dental implants are a small post made of titanium material. It is surgically placed into the jawbone to secure and support the replacement teeth. Once it fuses with the jawbone, it looks and feels like a natural tooth. The implants naturally fuse with the jawbone to form a sturdy foundation through a process called osseointegration. It replaces both the root and crown of a lost tooth.

Dentures and bridges can also be mounted to implants, and it won’t slip or shift in your mouth. It is especially beneficial when eating and speaking. People with dentures know how difficult it is to eat and speak with it. Dentures make chewing and speaking difficult. This secure fit helps dentures, bridges, and individual crowns placed over implants feel more natural than conventional teeth replacement options. Therefore, it is no wonder why dental implants cost Sydney is higher than other options.

However, to receive implants, you need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implants. Your dentist is the right person to decide whether you are a good candidate for receiving Digital dental implants or not. Digital dental implants have made the procedure minimally invasive and less painful, which was difficult to achieve in conventional dental implant procedures.

Advantages of receiving dental implants:-

The dental implants can make you look better and be more confident. You can smile and speak confidently. The treatment may take several weeks for some complex cases, but the result is amazing. Yes, it is worth waiting for getting a new replacement tooth that mimics the natural teeth. So even though the cost of a dental implant is more than these other options, its comfort and permanence justify any extra dental implant costs.

Dentures can stress nearby teeth and do not stimulate the jawbone that increases the risk of bone loss and tooth decay. On the other hand, cheap dental implants Sydney support and stimulate the bone. But a dental implant doesn’t cause those problems, which makes dental implant costs well worth it in the long run.