5 Intriguing aspects of prosthetic teeth

Intriguing aspects of prosthetic teethThere are a lot of baseless myths that surround the useful dental implant procedure. While some people believe that having the implants screwed on to your dental plate can hurt; there are others who harbour concerns about a long recovery period post getting the prosthetics. However, quite to the contrary, the Sydney dental implants procedure is made to be painless and has a relatively speedy recovery window.

So, with your faith renewed in the procedure, take a look at some other interesting aspects of prosthetic teeth.

  1. Prosthetic teeth are created from a virtually indestructible substance (titanium). This was necessary as resilience is an important factor in their installation because they substitute the entire tooth root.
  2. It is often said that getting implants is like bidding cavities goodbye because their indestructible nature cannot sustain any damage even by microorganisms. That being said, maintaining oral hygiene is a must for the health of the surrounding teeth.
  3. Replacing one tooth with a prosthetic one can safeguard the strength of the rest of the neighbouring teeth. Implants protect and encourage a steady growth gum and bone mass, which helps you preserve your existing pearly whites.
  4. Even though today’s titanium implants are much sturdier than conventional options, they bring you the convenience of painless dentistry and boast of exceedingly high implant success rates.
  5. Statistics show that approximately 68% adults who are in their late 30’s or early 40’s are missing a minimum of 1 tooth. A quarter of the population of seniors above 75 years have no teeth at all.

All these people are perfect candidates for dental implants in Sydney, yet some fail to undergo the procedure due to lack of detailed awareness. Now that you’re aware of these intriguing implant facets, you can spread the word and help countless others re-claim their bite!