Tips to Treat the Dental Implants Complications

dental implants in SydneyA dental implant is an artificial tooth that is placed for the patients who are suffering from missing tooth. The implants treatment involves the placement of implants into your jawbone. After the osseointegration process, the permanent crown or the artificial tooth is placed over the implant. The dental implants in Sydney help the patients to restore their confidence, and they feel convenient while speaking, smiling, and eating. With proper care and maintenance, the dental implants can last a lifetime. But, in few cases, the implants may cause few complications that include

  • Infection
  • Fracture
  • Never Damage


While introducing something new to your body, there is a chance that your body may respond negatively to the situation. In some cases, the negative response may be triggered by an infection after placing the dental implants. If any bacteria grow around the implants, it may affect the osseointegration process that takes place in your implant and jawbone. Even if the integration process takes place, an infection will arise that lead to the breakage of the bone and the implant. You can avoid the infection with proper brushing and flossing.


Before undergoing the implants treatment, you need to consult your dentist about your dental behaviours. If you have the habit of grinding your teeth, the force you put on it may cause a fracture. In the same way, the incorrectly placed implants may cause fracture due to the stress and pressure put on it. If the implant fracture takes place, once again you need to undergo the entire dental implants process.

Never Damage

Never damage may occur either during or before or after the dental implants procedure. These never damage can cause various issues, and for few patients, the dentist may recommend removing the dental implants completely to repair the damage.

How to Treat the Dental Implant Complications?

There are several options to treat the complications caused by dental implants. In some cases, the dentist suggests removing your implant entirely, and few treatments that could treat the dental implants complications include

  • Replacing Implants
  • Grafting process

Replacing Implants

In few cases, it is better to remove the old implant and replace it using a new implant to give the best result. Initially, your dentist will remove the old implant and then place the new implant to the site to give the best result.


In few cases, the patients require bone grafting process to correct their problem. Bone grafting is the process by which the loss of bone can be repaired. In the case, the patient suffers from missing gum tissues, and then gum grafting process is done to rectify the issue.

Initially, when you opt for dental implants treatment, you need to choose the right dentist who has many years of experience in this particular procedure and check their specialisation to avoid the dental implant complications. Even though the cost of dental implants in Sydney is expensive, it is worth the money you spend. When maintained properly, it can last a lifetime.